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Relief from musculoskeletal pain-Balance in the whole body!


Spine Works Therapy

Relief from musculoskeletal pain-Balance in the whole body!

Spineworks Therapy is a holistic method used to rehabilitate musculoskeletal problems. It first appeared in England during the 80s and since then it has been broadly accepted worldwide.

The method focuses mainly on the soft tissues of the body: muscles, fascia and tissues surrounding the bones and joints. Its main target is to relax the muscles deeply.

Tense muscles lead the spine to deviate from its alignment. These muscle contractions and deviations of the spine could result in intense pain, discomfort, reduced mobility and other problems, such as, compression of blood vessels and peripheral nerves which innervate the whole body.

Spineworks Therapy is an alternative kind of treatment and its techniques are based on the principle of non-intense pressure.

A spineworks therapist, with their manual dexterity, performs special manipulations to readjust and decompress the spine and joints.

As a result of these manipulations/adjustments, the muscles relax deeply and the spine is aligned and decompressed along with the rest of the joints. Furthermore, muscles and vital organs get better innervated and the range of motion in hypomobile joints increases.

When there is an impediment in the spine or in a specific vertebra, such as, a pressure of a spinal nerve, that usually results in intense pain in a specific area of the body (neck, back, lower back).

The spineworks therapist Jason Manolidis, detects the source of a problem by considering its history in combination with the assessment and palpation of the spine. Then, according to each special case, proceeds to implementing a personalized treatment plan.

Concluding, the main aim of spineworks therapy is decompression of spinal nerves and all the joints of the body, via special manipulations, corrections and adjustments.

With these techniques, the spineworks therapist targets:

√ Elimination of pain

√ Good function of all the organs which are innervated

from the spinal nerves

√ Restored body mobility

√ Relaxation of contracted muscles

√ Decompression of the spine and pelvis

√ Activation of the body’s self-healing mechanisms

Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of Spineworks therapy is not only to eliminate pain, but also to restore balance and good function in the whole body!

The Spineworks therapist-Chiropractor-Reflexologist Jason Manolidis, manages to detect the source of the problem, via patient’s history, examination, assessment and palpation of the spine. Each special case is offered a personalized treatment program.

Address to Jason Manolidis and his alternative treatments centre, in Athens, and benefit from the mild manipulations of Spineworks therapy.

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